Permaculture projects

We are involved in a number of projects that illustrate how permaculture design can help communities become more self-sufficient.

One such project is Real Food Hollingdean, a community food growing initiative on the Hollingdean estate in Brighton. Our involvement with this project began as a partnership, and now we are running the project.

The project was inspired by Flo Scott's desire to do something about the food poverty experienced by many children in the UK. She writes, "It seems crazy that people, old and young, can't afford to buy good food when good food really does grow on trees!"

She observed that many council estate houses have under-used front gardens that could be used to grow food. This observation became the inspiration behind the Real Food Hollingdean project.

The project completed Phase One in 2014, which aimed to create just one 'Real Food Garden' in a householder's front garden on the Hollingdean estate. The demonstration garden drew on permaculture design and growing techniques to show how much food could be grown in a limited space.

After the successful first Phase of the Real Food Hollingdean Project, it now moves into Phase Two with a design for The Coachwerks undertaken by Stephan Gehrels. This is under the umbrella of Brighton Permaculture Trust.

The Coachwerks is a volunteer built creative space in the Hollingdean area of Brighton with lots of studios and a beautiful space for social events. There is a space at the front for planters, to provide food and also improve the front of the building visually. Stephan is currently in the 'Analysis' phase of the permaculture design process.

Infinity Foods is a funder of Real Food Hollingdean.

Infinity Foods