Become a trustee

Why not think about a different kind of volunteering for Brighton Permaculture Trust? becoming one of our Trustees!

In the true spirit of a Charity, the folks who 'govern' our work are people who have a range of expertise. They are dedicated to sustainability, ecology, fair shares and permaculture design, and they give us their time for free (plus expenses). So they are just as vital as the others, just probably a little less 'getting your hands dirty'.

We have been working on attracting more people to our small governing body since we registered as a charity in 2013, which means we now need a few more people with appropriate skills and knowledge to help us run the show.  We are especially looking for someone with a financial background and experience of fundraising.

What is in it for you?

  • Being part of the growth of the permaculture community as a respected group of people who have national influence in the UK.
  • Supporting and implementing practical local sustainable development in our area.
  • Working with like-minded people on unique projects.
  • Developing your own knowledge and skills about designing for resilience and making a difference locally.

What would I be taking on?

You would be responsible for steering Brighton Permaculture Trust's strategic direction, ensuring that the Charity pursues its aims, which can be found here.

A trustee is legally responsible for the charity and ensures that:

  • Brighton Permaculture Trust complies with its governing documents, charity and company law, and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
  • The charity uses its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects, and is financially stable.

In addition, you must not have been disqualified by a court from acting as a director or be an undischarged bankrupt.

Brighton Permaculture Trust has a management structure which is designed so that decision making is devolved to working groups and individuals, at the same time ensuring proper accountability to the members, trustees and management group. Currently, four working groups report to the management group, who in turn reports to the trustees.

What could you bring to Brighton Permaculture Trust?

We ask for:

  • Your commitment to applying Permaculture ethics and practices to promote Sustainable Development.
  • Willingness to develop a strategic overview for Brighton Permaculture Trust, and oversee the CEO and management team in organising its implementation.
  • Experience of leading or managing a group, informal or formal, voluntary, educational, or commercial; or be willing to identify your training needs and develop yourself in this role.
  • Preferably to have completed a Permaculture Design Course, or if not, to be willing and available to participate in course sessions.
  • A vision to develop and extend relations with the local Permaculture Community.
  • An expectation to be in the locality and to contribute for two or more years of 'office' to the Trust. We suggest this as a minimum period for you to settle in and then contribute over a couple of cycles of management.
  • Time for approximately four trustee meetings a year in/near Brighton, as well as time to participate in some monthly management group meetings, especially as part of your induction. Also, some time outside of meetings to follow up on Brighton Permaculture Trust projects and be part of a rolling programme, such as volunteering at events.

Fancy applying?

Contact us for an application form. We can arrange to meet you to talk it through.

Thank you!

Jan Mulreany & Susan White
Brighton Permaculture Trust Trustees with a mission to recruit!