If you have a question for us, please browse the list below.

Getting in touch with us

Do you have an office I can visit?

No, sorry. Our team all work from their homes. Whilst Stanmer Park is a base for many of our activities, we don't actually have an office or centre of our own, or the resources to man one at present.

Can I visit you at Stanmer Park?

Whilst Stanmer Park is a base for many of our activities, we are not there on a daily basis. We do have open days and volunteer activities that you can attend.

How do I get to Stanmer Park?

Complete directions to Stanmer Park and our meeting point (including maps) can be found here.

Can I arrange a tour of Earthship Brighton?

Low Carbon Trust offer monthly tours of Brighton Earthship. It is not open on a daily basis, although private tours can be arranged outside their regular tour programme. For more information please visit the Low Carbon Trust website.

How do I call/get in contact with you?

Our phone number, registered postal address, and email contact information are all found on our contact page.

Paying for a course/event

I'd like to purchase a course for a friend.

You can either purchase a Brighton Permaculture Trust gift voucher valid for a certain amount, or you can book the course yourself on your friend's behalf. If there is a particular course you want your friend to attend, it is best to book a place on the course yourself for them immediately, as the course may become fully booked. For detailed information on how gift vouchers work, click here.

I don't have the money to pay for the course right now.

Please don't book a place if you are unable to pay for it within a week of booking. All unpaid bookings expire after 7 days.

I received an email saying that my booking has expired.

This will happen if you have not paid for your place. If you receive this email, please reply immediately to let us know whether you still want to do the course. We will let you know if a place is still available, and, if one is, you will need to pay for your place immediately.

I don't know what fee level to book at.

Our fees are based on income level. Income does not necessarily mean earnings. The concessionary rate is purely for full-time students and people in receipt of benefits (get more information).  Some people don't work but are not claiming benefits. This might be because they have some form of private income or savings, are supported in some other way, or have made a particular lifestyle choice that enables them to live outside the benefit system. Circumstances such as these would not be eligible for concessionary rate.

My organisation is paying for me to go, but I need an invoice from you.

If your place is funded, we are happy to supply an invoice. We need an email address to send the invoice to as well as the company/organisation's name and address. You can state these details in the 'extra information' box on the booking form or email us separately. We also recognise that funded places sometimes take longer to administer so are able to be more flexible about the 'pay within 7 days' limit.

Attending a course/event

Where do you recommend I stay while on a course?

Brighton Permaculture Trust is unable to provide overnight accommodation for people attending our courses. However, we can provide a list of local accommodation options, from camping to B&B to staying with one of our supporters. You can find the list here.

Can I camp overnight at Stanmer Park?

Unfortunately not, as Brighton & Hove City Council have a strict policy of no camping in the park.

What do I do if I can't find accommodation at the last minute?

Panic! Please ensure you arrange your accommodation well in advance of the course. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to manage or offer accommodation but supply as much information as we can on our accommodation page.

I've booked on a course but haven't heard from you as to where/when to go.

You will receive a detailed email explaining everything you need to know about the course, from directions to the venue to advance preparations you might want to make, approximately two weeks before the course. If you haven't received this email and the course is coming up in a week's time, please check your spam folder. If it's not there, contact us and we'll send it to you again.

I can't make the course/event and need to cancel.

Please read our cancellation policy carefully. The most important point to note is that we do not refund if you cancel within two weeks of the course itself, unless your circumstances are exceptional. 

Help! I can't find the venue!

To avoid getting lost on the day, we recommend that you take a printout of the directions information we supplied you in the email we sent you prior to the course. Alternatively, make sure you have access to that email on your mobile device. We also recommend that you make a note of the mobile phone number we supplied in this email for the tutor/convenor, as this is the person you will need to ring for help on the day. Please do not ring our Brighton Permaculture Trust number, as you may not get a quick enough response to help.

I need directions to the meeting point in Stanmer Park.

You can get full directions to the meeting point by the church at Stanmer Park on our directions page. If you get lost on the day, please call the mobile number of the tutor/convenor, which you'll find in the email you received prior to the course.

The course I want to do is fully booked. Is there any chance I might still be able to do it?

With some of our more popular courses, a waiting list may be available. Check to see if the course has a waiting list by going to the course page. Look at the top of the page, by the fully booked dates, to see if there is a link to sign up for a waiting list. Add your email address to be informed by email if a space opens up. We also recommend you sign up for our "new dates" mailing list, which is also found at the top of every course page. This mailing list will only be used to email you when new dates are announced for your course of interest.

After the course

I'd like to give feedback on the course.

The best way to give us feedback is by filling out the online feedback survey that we will email to you after the course finishes. You can fill out this survey anonymously if you wish. When the online survey closes, usually in three weeks time, the results are given to tutors/convenors and provide valuable feedback for improving the next run of the course.

If there isn't enough room in the online survey for your comments, or if you have something else to add, always feel free to email us. We like to display positive comments on our course pages, so please tell us if you are happy for us to do so.

The tutor promised course materials, but where are they?

You will be given access to course materials online after you have completed the online course feedback survey. Look for the link to this survey in the email we sent you after you attended the course. The course materials page is only available for three weeks after the course, after which the page will expire, so please download the information you want promptly.

If the course materials page doesn't contain information the tutor promised, it is possible that the information hasn't been added to the page yet. Please contact us - your email will serve as a good reminder to us to get that information up as soon as possible! Otherwise, if new information is added to the course materials page after you filled out your survey, you will receive an email directing you back to the page where you can download the new materials.

I've tried to go back to the course materials page, but it's gone.

The course materials page is only available for three weeks, after which it will no longer be online. Please check the expiration date, which is noted in the email we sent you after the course. If there is something essential on the page that you need, you can also contact us.


How do I sign up as a volunteer?

Simply add your name and email address to our Volunteer newsletter. We will send you emails informing you about the latest volunteer opportunities. You can choose how much or how little you want to participate. When a volunteering opportunity catches your eye, all we ask is that you sign up with the link provided, so that we know you're coming.

Can I bring my children with me?

Not all volunteering opportunities are open to children. This should be indicated in the email, but, if you're not sure, contact our volunteer coordinator. If a volunteering opportunity is open to children, we ask that all children under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults be accompanied by a parent/guardian/carer who is responsible for their supervision, discipline, plus any medication needed.

Can I go on your courses for free if I volunteer?

We periodically offer volunteer opportunities to support a course or event. However, if you sign up as a volunteer on a course, we expect you to provide support to the participants on the course, rather than participating yourself, although we do try to involve volunteers in all aspects of a course where possible.

If you want to attend a course or event at a discounted rate, we offer special volunteer rates on some of our courses and events. We will email you about these discounts when they arise. To claim this rate, you must have done at least 8 hours of volunteering for us over the past year. The rate won't show up on the course page but will appear when you go to book the course.

Do you offer internships or mentoring schemes?

Whilst we can offer guidance and some support on the day, we are currently not able to offer a full mentoring and supervision scheme. We do not currently have the resources to host interns, etc.

How do I stop receiving Volunteer emails?

If you don't want to get our volunteer emails anymore, simply click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any volunteer email we send you. (Please note that the link to unsubscribe from the volunteer list only appears on emails about volunteering opportunities, and not emails from our other mailing lists.)

Do you provide food and accommodation if I volunteer for you?

Unfortunately, we are generally unable to provide food for volunteers and do not have the resources to provide accommodation.