Introduction to photovoltaics course

Saturday 15 June 2019
This course runs from 9.00am to 5.00pm in Stanmer Park, Brighton.

Learn how to design and install off-grid and on-grid photovoltaic energy systems in the beautiful setting of Earthship Brighton.

What will the Introduction to photovoltaics course cover?

The course will cover the basics of photovoltaics, from system design and load calculation through to the various types of solar panels, batteries and inverters and their suitability in different situations. The afternoon will be spent setting up a small photovoltaic system and will include a tour of the award winning Earthship Brighton.

The day is aimed at those who wish to get a broad introduction to renewable energy technologies, as well as those wishing to install a photovoltaic energy system for power, as well as for water and/or space heating. See Andy's article on the latest developments in solar here: Water and space heating from solar

Please bring a basic calculator to use during the day.

A taste of what you'll learn

Who is the Introduction to photovoltaics course for?

This course is open to anyone aged 16 or over. It is for anyone wishing to learn how to make a small scale basic solar electric energy system for domestic or other similar purpose. It is suitable for complete beginners, as well as those more familiar with electrics.

Brighton Permaculture Trust aims to meet the needs of participants with physical disabilities and leaning difficulties. If you have any issues which you feel may affect your ability to attend or participate in this course/event, please contact us to discuss them prior to booking.

Learning methods and outcomes

Participants will learn about photovoltaic systems, from the basics of electricity, batteries, panel types and inverters through to designing a basic off-grid or on-grid system. The course includes slides, discussions, a practical session wiring up and testing a small off-grid photovoltaic system and a tour of Earthship Brighton. Course participants who complete the entire course will receive a certificate, which will be sent via email after the course.

Course tutor

Andy Reynolds is a long-term practitioner in low-impact living and the associated technologies, who has been building and using wind and solar systems since the late 80s. He runs his home almost entirely from home-generated renewable energy and is the author of Wind & Solar Electricity: A practical DIY guide.

Mischa Hewitt will be assisting. Mischa was one of the project managers of Earthship Brighton, is the author of the book Earthships in Europe, and has an MSc in Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies (Distinction) from the Centre for Alternative Technology. He is a building consultant, domestic and non-domestic energy assessor, and has worked on many eco renovation projects.


Stanmer Park (near University of Sussex)
South East England

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Recommended resources

No reading is required prior to the Introduction to photovoltaics course. The resources listed here are recommendations only:


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  • Layla
    "Fascinating seeing the Earthship and I now feel fairly confident about being able to make my own solar installation."

    Layla Redway-Harris

  • Guy
    "I was hoping to leave the course with a basic understanding of off grid solar but left with enough knowledge to actually build a system. I would highly recommend anyone to attend, as we should all be aware of solar power." 

    Guy Walker

  • Monica
    "Although the course addressed diverse goals and levels of technical understanding I obtained an understanding of solar energy and panels that will help me take a better informed decision about having them for heating my home." 


  • Mark
    "What better place to hold a solar PV course than in an Earthship?"

    Mark Easen

  • Vicki
    "Well structured, good amount of information (not too much but enough to be satisfied) and taught well. Friendly and engaged tutors/volunteers - and participants!"