What we do

Our projects promote sustainable development, or better still regenerative development, that leaves us and future generations in a better position.

We promote and use permaculture design process and principles in our projects.

Our work fits into three main themes:

1. Permaculture education

We run courses in permaculture design, and all our projects aim to promote permaculture and sustainability.

We do not receive funding for most of our courses; rather, our courses are self-financing from those attending them. We aim to make courses accessible to all through a sliding fee scale.

2. Growing & using fruit as well as related land management

All our projects in this area encompass the permaculture ethics by promoting sustainability, providing a focus for bringing people together, and helping to provide access to healthy food.

Examples include helping communities and school orchards plant orchards, involving people in picking and processing fruit, and exchanging knowledge and expertise with partners both locally and internationally.

3. Green buildings

We promote greener buildings and lower-impact ways of living in them in several ways.